Hasselblad film no 174

Fresh out of the developing tank yesterday evening and scanned today, the 174th roll  I’ve put through my Hasselblad. Although actually I’m on my third body – I started with a 500C/M, then a 501C and now a 503CX, but it feels like the same camera, possibly because the lenses, film backs and prism have stayed the same even if the bodies have changed.

Anyway, here are six shots from the film I’ve just scanned.


The Old Harbour, Barry








Watchtower Bay, Barry



All taken with a Hasselblad 503CX, Distagon CF 40mm on Velvia 50 and developed in a Jobo CPE2 with Tetenal E6 kit.



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  1. Etienne

    Wow. This is great stuff. I would love to see them projected!
    Did you use any filter? (in particular for the 2nd shot, “Ogmore”.)


  2. Thanks, I’ve actually just bought a slide projector – hasn’t arrived yet. So yes, it will be interesting to see them projected. I nearly always use ND grad filters with Velvia. I normally meter for the foreground and use an ND grad to bring the sky within the 4 or 5 stop range that Velvia can handle. So all these shots would have been taken with a Lee ND grad, mostly a .6 (2 stop).


  3. Dirk

    so beautiful!!!
    But i don’t understand how you get everything in focus with the 40mm, the only option is to shoot at F22 and focus at infinity. so it is in focus from 1.6m to infinity? how do you solve this if your subject is closer than 1.6m?


  4. Thanks, I shot these at f/16 and set the lens to hyperfocal, which for this lens means focusing at something like 2m and then everything from about 1m to infinity will be in focus.


    • Dirk

      Wow thank you! Is there a difference between focussing at something at 2m or just set the lens focusing at 2m? i just took a photo focussed at 2m on the lens and the foreground and the background are totally not in focus.


  5. Was the aperture set to f/16?
    To use hyperfocal distance set the focus so that the infinity mark aligns with the aperture you have set, so 16 in this case. I don’t have the lens any longer so I can’t tell you what actual distance it will be set to.


    • Dirk

      With hyperfocal focusing, the foreground is indeed in focus but the background is much softer than when I focus it at infinity. maybe i expect too much. in any case, thank you very much for your explanation.


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