Cardiff Bay with Delta 400

I had an hour to kill in Cardiff Bay recently and decided to run a test roll of Ilford Delta 400 through my Olympus 35DC rangefinder. I don’t know why I haven’t tried Delta 400 before. I developed the roll in Xtol 1:1, which is also new to me, and I’m quite impressed with the results.


A reminder of the docks that used to be here before the modern Cardiff Bay was built


That crane again


Water tower outside the Millennium Centre


A rather ragged Union Jack flying alongside the EU flag.


Delta 400 has captured the lengthening shadows of the afternoon sun very well


Hijab and parka outside the Senydd Building


More shadows


…and more shadows


Also testing out my new lens hood for the 35DC looking almost straight into the sun


The Captain Scott statue and Norwegian Church. Scott sailed for the Antarctic from here. The Norwegian Church was built for Norwegian sailors. Roald Dahl was christened in it. Now and arts centre.


Norwegian flag inside the Norwegian Church Arts Centre


Selfie shadow


Yet more playing about with shadows

So yes, I’ll definitely be using more Delta 400. And the Olympus 35DC delivered its usual stellar results. Who needs a Leica when you’ve got a 35DC that cost all of £15? 🙂


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