National Botanic Garden of Wales

Photos from a day out at the National Botanic Garden of Wales near Carmarthen a few weeks ago.

All shot with an Olympus OM-4ti on Agfa CT Precisa 100.

The butterflies were taken in the Butterfly House (surprise, surprise!) with the Zuiko 40mm/f2. The light was quite poor so I had to shoot wide open. I don’t actually have a macro lens but the 40mm focuses down to 30cm.


Glasswing Butterfly

Glasswing Butterfly


Flowers shot with my ever reliable Tamron 70-210mm/3.5, mostly at the long end of the zoom. I don’t know the names of all of the flowers, sorry, apart from some obvious ones such as the thistle, dahlia and Welsh poppy.

Bad hair day

Bad hair day


I’ve tried and failed many times to get a half decent photo of a bee in flight – finally managed it with this one.

om4-20160920-038_800x600 om4-20160920-040_800x600 om4-20160920-042_800x600 om4-20160920-043_800x600 om4-20160923-021_800x600 om4-20160923-023_800x600 om4-20160923-025_800x600 om4-20160923-027_800x600


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