Romeo and Juliet in the Park

On Wednesday 27 July I had the pleasure of attending a performance of Romeo and Juliet by the Taking Flight Theatre Company in Parc Calon Lan in Blaengarw. As described on their web site:

It’s Verona 1963 and it’s the annual college Boat Race, the high society courtship event for the rich, beautiful and perfectly coiffed. Times are turbulent, so you’ll need to really support your house, whether it be Montague or Capulet, as they battle it out on the river. A new take on a very old tale – you can expect to see Taking Flight’s signature traits – exciting visual theatre with live original music and plenty of comedy.

Great fun in a spectacular setting. I shot these with my OM-4ti and 85mm/f2 (final shot with 24mm/2.8) on Agfa CT Precisa.

om4-20160731-001_800x600 om4-20160731-002_800x600 om4-20160731-003_800x600 om4-20160731-012_800x600 om4-20160731-014_800x600 om4-20160731-015_800x600 om4-20160731-016_800x600 om4-20160731-017_800x600 om4-20160731-018_800x600 om4-20160731-019_800x600 om4-20160731-020_800x600 om4-20160731-021_800x600 om4-20160731-022_800x600 om4-20160731-025_800x600 om4-20160731-028_800x600

I had a bit of an adventure with this roll of film, by the way. I started to develop the roll of E6 in my Jobo and all the First Developer leaked out of the lid of the developing tank, then the lid came off completely, just for a second before I put it back on. The lid was on as tight as I could get it, but pouring water in the tank it still leaked out. So there’s obviously an issue with that tank somewhere along the line.

So I had a roll of E6 film that had partly been exposed to First Developer and to light. I nearly just took it out of the tank and into the bin, figuring that it would be completely ruined. But I decided to try to see if it could be salvaged. I took it in to my darkroom, swapped the film into another tank, put it back in the Jobo and gave it a good rinse in water to wash out whatever First Developer had got on to the film. Then I developed it as normal. I was amazed to get some usable shots out of it. The colour shifted a bit, especially towards the end of the roll, and has a slightly cross processed look to it, but it probably suits the surreal subject matter anyway.


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