Romeo and Juliet in the Park – part 2

Following on from my previous post about Romeo & Juliet in Blaengarw, towards the end of the evening the light was starting to fail so I switched from 100 ISO transparency film to 400 ISO film in my OM10, and I’ve only just developed and scanned that film.

No disasters with this film, although I was surprised to open the camera expecting the film to be XP2 and it turned out to be Fomopan 400. Just one of those little film surprises!

Anyway, the photos, including the Juliet ‘death’ scene.

om10-20160805-002_800x600  om10-20160805-005_800x600 om10-20160805-006_800x600 om10-20160805-007_800x600 om10-20160805-008_800x600 om10-20160805-003_800x600om10-20160805-012_800x600 om10-20160805-013_800x600 om10-20160805-014_800x600

It was the first time I’d used Fomapan and considering the light was not good at all towards the end it held up pretty well.


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